Marcus has incredible knowledge that he shares about how you can achieve ultimate levels of fitness eating plant based.

Marcus currently works with all types of clients, including everyone from Professional Athletes to Local Youth Athletics and even serves as fitness liaison to the Fort Myers PD SWAT Team. Marcus is the literal definition of optimal physical shape and condition with a physique to match. However, Marcus’ tale has a twist: Back in 2013 when Marcus was in great physical shape (he played professional basketball) and had only eight (8) percent body-fat, everything about his appearance and conditioning signaled all was well. Except, Marcus had a near death experience.

Marcus took his experience in life and decided to make it the core for his mission in life and so now he strives to help as many people as he can achieve optimal health through a Plantbased – Vegan life and show them how to also maximize their fitness levels AND show them that you can do BOTH together.